Understanding Authenticity in China’s Cultural Heritage Conference 16-20 Mar, 2021

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Please join us online March 16- 20, 2021, for a discussion on the construction of “authenticity,” both historically and today, in relation to China’s cultural heritage. Registration is free, attendance is open to all . To register and for further information please visit the project website: https://authenticitychina.web.ox.ac.uk/


“Understanding Authenticity in China’s Cultural Heritage” commenced during the 2019-20 academic year with a targeted network that has brought together scholars in various fields from Oxford and other local universities, together with stakeholders from various other cultural heritage organizations, museums, libraries, auction houses, and law firms, to hold roundtable meetings and other discussions about authenticity in China. In the 2020-21 academic year, we have initiated a virtual seminar series with talks that reach a broader, global audience. On 16-20 March 2021, we look forward to hosting a larger international conference that brings together experts to discuss “authenticity” and China, in respect to (1) art and material culture; (2) texts and manuscripts; (3) museums, collections, and displays; and (4) cultural heritage management.