UNIQ Summer School highlights for 2018

This week staff from the School of Archaeology had the pleasure of contributing several lectures and practical sessions to the UNIQ Summer School for A-Level state school students. Human Sciences already offer one of the most diverse and individual courses and archaeology was a natural fit into the week's events which focus on studying humans at a variety of levels from evolution to societal interactions to the physiology of the body. 

Today Professor Julia Lee-Thorp, Professor Peter Mitchell and Dr Peter Hommel ran two sessions on prehistoric rock art. Students were able to get hands-on with making and measuring hand prints and other physical attributes to analyse the questions: why did prehistoric cave-dwellers make handprints, and, who made them - adults or children, males or females? 

On Tuesday the same students were shown a demonstration of smelting of metals, accompanied by an artefact analysis object handling session. 

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