Inequality: past, present and future. Prof Bogaard joins the panel discussion at COG2018

As part of the Blavatiknik School of Government's annual COG2018 conference, Prof. Amy Bogaard joined Sir Clive Cowldery and Prof Johnathan Wolff to discuss why inequality is increasing around the world. Thanks to lecture capture, you can now watch and listen to this fascinating discussion about inequality in the past, present and future. What is the distinction between material and social inequality? Can we build a ‘society of equals’ even in the face of economic inequality? 

Since 2011, the Challenges of Government Conference has been bringing together a global, multidisciplinary and cross-sector audience to Oxford. From rapid urbanisation to citizen activism, the conference brings together the brightest minds in government, the private sector, and academia to discuss policies, strategies, and ultimately real-world solutions to some of the world’s toughest challenges.