DPhil Research: Jonathan

My name is Jonathan Lim, and I am a DPhil student in Archaeology at the University of Oxford! Read more in my Story Map here.

My research involves the development of a new protocol for investigating the cultural landscapes of the Yup’ik people in Southwest Alaska’s Yukon-Kuskokwim (Y-K) Delta. My work is built on the acknowledgement that conventional archaeological techniques in the Y-K Delta is insufficient by themselves for fully understanding the rich cultural complexity of these landscapes. Working alongside the local community and the University of Aberdeen’s Quinhagak Archaeological Project, I will be deploying ethnographic techniques in tandem with spatial technology to understand how the past and present Yup’iit of the Quinhagak region lived their lives here.


Thesis working title: Finding the "Old Villages": Mapping the Cultural Landscape of Southwest Alaska's Yup'ik People using Ethnoarchaeology, Spatial Technology, and Community Engagement.