DPhil Research: Lachie

A new method of extracting ancient DNA from tiny bones reveals the hidden evolutionary history of New Zealand geckos

lachlan headshot whilst holding a gecko in his hand

Lachie Scarsbrook (DPhil, Merton College) has worked with Dr Nic Lawrence (Otago University, New Zealand) to develop a new method of extraction - an enzymatic bone bath that soaks out ancient DNA, allowing the sequencing of ancient genomes without any observable bone damage. This has enabled Lachie to reconstruct the previously hidden evolutionary histories of New Zealand geckos. 

Read all about it in The Conversation by clicking here.


Read the full paper in Molecular Ecology here: Ancient mitochondrial genomes recovered from small vertebrate bones through minimally destructive DNA extraction: Phylogeography of the New Zealand gecko genus Hoplodactylus