Lecture List

For details of this term's seminars (online) please contact reception@arch.ox.ac.uk

You can download a PDF of the lectures termcard here or see the screenshot below:

Classes in the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography (SAME)

For links to the Teams meetings for any of these classes you need to check the SAME Canvas pages. If you have any difficulties accessing those pages please contact Kate Atherton. 

Classes in the Faculty of Classics:
Students taking LBA to EIA AEGEAN (Homeric Archaeology) Lisa will pre-record lectures and upload them every Friday. Most of the Classics classes will be given live on TEAMS and also recorded and uploaded on Panopto within their canvas site. This includes, Roman Cities & Settlements under the Empire III (Archaeology of the Roman Economy), Art under the Roman Empire II, and, Byzantium 500-110 AD, and Mediterranean Maritime Archaeology. Students taking Greek Archaeology and Art, c.500-323 BC. are encouraged to attend core & other optional classes, outside of the 500-300 period. Students should keep checking for updates on the Classics Lecture list here. If you have trouble accessing their Canvas, please contact Andrew Dixon.