Online teaching pedagogy and advice

Online teaching pedagogy and advice

Advice pages from Oxford's Department of Education can be found here. This document is intended to summarise suggestions and resources for people to move face-to-face teaching to an online format.

Higher Education e-learning sessions are available here (useful for spotting students at risk). 

Also recommended:

Miller, Michelle D. 2014. Minds Online: Teaching Effectively with Technology. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 

Baran, Evrim, Ana Paula Correia, and Ann Thompson. 2011. “Transforming Online Teaching Practice: Critical Analysis of the Literature on the Roles and Competencies of Online Teachers.” Distance Education 32 (3): 421–39.

Both of the above are currently available through SOLO.

The following (free) online courses are also recommended: 

The University of South Wales, 'Learning to Teach Online', on Coursera.

Open University on ’Taking your teaching online’