Dr Thibaut Deviese

Research Profile

I joined the Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art in April 2014. My work is mainly focused on the development of new methods for the extraction, characterisation and/or purification of organic materials from different archaeological matrix using multi analytical approaches (e.g. FTIR, SEM, XRF, XRD, SFE, GC/MS, HPLC/DAD). One of my research priorities is improving the sample preparation for compound specific radiocarbon analyses.

Current Projects

  • "From natural resources to packaging, an interdisciplinary study of skincare products over time" funded by the AHRC. This project is in collaboration with Dr Szu Shen Wong from Keele University and Dr Jayne Draycott from Glasgow University (Principtal Investigator, 2016-2018). [http://gtr.rcuk.ac.uk/]
  • PalaeoChron Project "Precision dating of the Palaeolithic, chronological mapping of the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic of Eurasia" funded by an European Research Council Advanced Grant (Postdoctoral researcher, 2013-2018). [http://www.palaeochron.org/]

Current DPhil Students

  • Yushen He – The identification of natural organic components in the construction materials of ancient sites in China (2016-2019)
  • Luciana Carvalho – Identification of organic residues in corrosion layer of archaeological metal objects (2015-2018)
  • Eileen Jacob – Radiocarbon dating Late Pleistocene megafauna responses to humans and climate change (2015-2018)

External collaborations

  • Metabolomics reveals diet-derived plant polyphenols accumulate in physiological bone.

    Alldritt, I, Whitham-Agut, B, Sipin, M, Studholme, J, Trentacoste, A, Tripp, JA, Cappai, MG, Ditchfield, P, Devièse, T, Hedges, REM, McCullagh, JSO
  • New data for the Early Upper Paleolithic of Kostenki (Russia).

    Dinnis, R, Bessudnov, A, Reynolds, N, Devièse, T, Pate, A, Sablin, M, Sinitsyn, A, Higham, T
  • Compound-specific radiocarbon dating and mitochondrial DNA analysis of the Pleistocene hominin from Salkhit Mongolia.

    Devièse, T, Massilani, D, Yi, S, Comeskey, D, Nagel, S, Nickel, B, Ribechini, E, Lee, J, Tseveendorj, D, Gunchinsuren, B, Meyer, M, Pääbo, S
    et al
  • Age estimates for hominin fossils and the onset of the Upper Palaeolithic at Denisova Cave.

    Douka, K, Slon, V, Jacobs, Z, Ramsey, CB, Shunkov, MV, Derevianko, AP, Mafessoni, F, Kozlikin, MB, Li, B, Grün, R, Comeskey, D, Devièse, T
    et al
  • Evolution and extinction of the giant rhinoceros Elasmotherium sibiricum sheds light on late Quaternary megafaunal extinctions.

    Kosintsev, P, Mitchell, KJ, Devièse, T, van der Plicht, J, Kuitems, M, Petrova, E, Tikhonov, A, Higham, T, Comeskey, D, Turney, C, Cooper, A, van Kolfschoten, T
    et al
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