Dr Thibaut Deviese

Research Profile

I am an analytical chemist by training and I apply my skills in the field of cultural heritage. I worked for 5 years at the British Museum where I conducted research on the characterisation of organic materials, particularly focusing on organic residues in ceramics and on natural organic colorants in textiles.

I joined the Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art in April 2014. My work is mainly focused on the development and application of new methods for the molecular characterisation and/or radiocarbon dating of organic materials using multi-analytical approaches. I apply these new methodologies to a range of archaeological, historical and environmental samples.

I (co-)supervise the research projects of DPhil and Masters students in chemistry and archaeological sciences. I also teach in the materials and chronology modules of the Masters in archaeological sciences.

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Current Projects

  • “ChromaChron” – Proof of concept grant funded by the European Research Council

This project aims to develop a new chromatography solution to enable a higher throughput and a greater efficiency in the application of purification techniques for collagen based samples. We are working with our industrial partners in the development of the method and we want to bring a commercial product to market. Enabling this technology to be taken up by other laboratories will allow significant improvements to routine dating and geochemical analysis,thereby transforming our ability to provide a chronology for the human and environmental past.

  •  “PalaeoChron, Precision dating of the Palaeolithic, chronological mapping of the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic of Eurasia" – Project funded by the European Research Council. [http://www.palaeochron.org/]

Current DPhil Students

  • Jennifer Keute – Understanding the interplay of subsistence, ceramic technology, and local environments in the emergence of pottery in Northeast Asia through ceramic residues
  • Yushen He – The identification of natural organic components in the construction materials of ancient sites in China

Past Projects

  • "From natural resources to packaging, an interdisciplinary study of skincare products over time"– Project funded by the Art and Humanities Research council [Principal investigator, 2016-2019]


  • MAFNEC (Mission archéologique franco-chinoise dans le Nord-Est de la Chine)Project in collaboration between the CNRS (France) and the Jilin University (China) [Scientifc advisior, 2016-2018]