Dr Peter Ditchfield

Research Profile

Current Projects

  • Palaeoenvironmental change and hominid mobility in the Thar Desert and Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Oldowan hominid behavior and ecology at Kanjera South, Kenya
  • Palaeoenvironments, landscape evolution and hominid land use patterns at Olorgesailie, Kenya
  • Pliocene environments and hominid land use at Laetoli, Tanzania
  • A long-term record of environmental change in Bubing Basin, south China
  • Chinese Human Evoutional Research Project
  • Chronological and environment setting for the Aterian Industry, eastern Morocco

Research Grants Awarded

  • 2007 Taxon-free methods for palaeontological methods for reconstructing environmental change (Co-investigator) Leverhulme Trust application
  • 2007 The Toba super-eruption and its impact on human populations and ecosystems (Co-investigator) Leverhulme Trust award
  • A guide for an anatomically sensitive dentine microsampling and age-alignment approach for human teeth isotopic sequences.

    Czermak, A, Fernández-Crespo, T, Ditchfield, PW, Lee-Thorp, JA
  • Summary justice or the King’s will? The first case of formal facial mutilation from Anglo-Saxon England

  • The life-history of a late Mesolithic woman in Iberia: A sequential multi-isotope approach

    Fernández-Crespo, T, Le Roux, P, Ordoño, J, Ditchfield, P, Schulting, R
  • Primate paleoenvironments of the Homa Peninsula, southwestern Kenya

    Plummer, TW, Ditchfield, PW, Whitfield, E, Blumenthal, S, Early, EG, Hertel, F, Lopez, RL, Oliver, JS, Potts, R, Vincent, T, Frost, S, Bishop, LC
  • Radiocarbon dates from the Oxford AMS system (vol 60, pg 628, 2018)

    Higham, TFG, Ramsey, BC, Chivall, D, Graystone, J, Baker, D, Henderson, E, Ditchfield, P