Dr Gill Hey

Current and past research activities

I have spent many years working in the Thames Valley and, as the co-director of the Oxford University/Oxford Archaeology Dorchester Project, I am completing the analysis and publication of an excavation we conducted on the Dorchester cursus where a Beaker burial and other funerary remains we found. This builds on my experience of managing many projects for Oxford Archaeology from 1988-2009, including the multi-period Yarnton excavations and Thames Through Time volume 1:2. I moved north in 2009 to manage the OA North office based in Lancaster, and have developed a keen research interest in the earliest Neolithic of this area, especially around Morecambe Bay. I recently co-edited a volume on the Neolithic of Northern England (Hey and Frodsham 2020) and am involved in the analysis of the recent late Mesolithic and early Neolithic excavations at Windy Harbour near Blackpool. I was CEO of Oxford Archaeology from 2013-2021. 

From 1978-88 I worked on the Cusichaca Project in Peru, managing the fieldwork projects and conducting research on the early Horizon occupation of the valley which was the subject of my PhD, completed in 1999.