Dr Valasia Isaakidou

Research Profile

Valasia Isaakidou is an archaeologist/zooarchaeologist (PhD UCL, 2005). She has held post-doctoral fellowships (Leverhulme Early Career, INSTAP and FNRS-Belgium) and worked as a specialist with a number of research projects (e.g., Univ. of Thessaloniki Thalis-EXPLORE; ERC-funded AGRICURB). She has participated in field survey on Kythera and excavated at Palaikastro, Akrotiri-Thera and Paliambela Kolindrou. She is collaborating with several projects as zooarchaeologist and environmental team co-ordinator and directing, with Dr. P. Tomkins (University of Catania, Sicily), the study and final publication of the Neolithic excavations at Knossos by the late John D. Evans. She has conducted ethnographic fieldwork on traditional plant and animal husbandry across the Mediterranean, in collaboration with Prof. P. Halstead, currently on the phenomenon of goat feralization and management of feral populations in rural Greece.


As a member of the interdisciplinary EXPLO project, she is investigating the nature of human-animal interactions and land-use in lakeside settlements in the southern Balkans (focussing on Dispilio-Kastoria), through multi-proxy evidence (macroscopic, dental microwear and isotopic analyses of animal remains).


ORCID id 0000-0003-0358-3179

Scopus Author ID: 6507326437


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