Dr Victoria Sainsbury

Research Profile


  • Social hierarchy and the choice of metal recycling at Anyang, the last capital of Bronze Age Shang China.

    Liu, R, Pollard, AM, Cao, Q, Liu, C, Sainsbury, V, Howarth, P, Bray, P, Huan, L, Yao, B, Fu, Y, Tang, J
  • When Things Stopped Travelling

    Sainsbury, V
    Edited by:
    Rosenow, D, Meek, M, Freestone, I
  • Geography of Antimony in Roman and Early Medieval Colorless Glass

    Sainsbury, VA
  • EMASS 2015: A brief report

    MALLET, S, SAINSBURY, V, Tompkins, A
  • An Early Medieval Polychrome-Enamelled Brooch from Flaxengate, Lincoln: Continental Fashions in an Anglo-Scandinavian Town

    Ten Harkel, L, Weetch, R, Sainsbury, V