Professor Dan Hicks


Undergraduate teaching

Lecturer for core papers:

  • Honour Moderations -  The Nature of Archaeological and Anthropological Enquiry

Convenor for FHS option course:

  • Understanding Museums and Collections

Postgraduate teaching

Postgraduate taught course options in: 


Dan welcomes interest from doctoral students in the fields of historical archaeology, material culture and museum studies, and the archaeology of the contemporary world.

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Papers and Book Chapters (Selected)

Book Reviews and Review Articles

  • 2016. Review of Shannon Dawdy Patina: a profane archaeology. Sculpture Journal 25(3): 448-449.  
  • 2010. Review of Owen Hatherley ‘Militant Modernism’. Planning Perspectives 25(2).
  • 2009. The Smallest Rooms. Times Literary Supplement 5568/5569: 35. (2009)
  • 2009. Review of B. Bender et al. ‘Stone Worlds: narrative and reflexivity in landscape archaeology’.American Antiquity 74(3): 590-591. (2009)
  • Review of Trevor Rowley ‘The English Landscape in the Twentieth Century’ Landscapes 8 (2008)Review of S. Kane (ed.) 2003. ‘The Politics of Archaeology and Identity’.Journal of Historical Geography32 (3): 665-667 (2006)
  • 'From 'Questions that Count' to Stories that 'Matter' in Historical Archaeology'.Antiquity 78: 934–939 (2004)

Selected Other Publications

Doctoral Supervision

I am happy to supervise on all aspects of the archaeology and material and visual culture of the post-medieval, 19th-century, modern and contemporary past, including heritage studies, museum studies, histories of landscape and the built environment, and the intersections between histories of art and histories of science. Particular current thematic areas of interest include colonialism/decolonisation, conflict/war, memory cultures/memorialisation, and histories of the climate emergency.

Current students

Why have there been no great women patrons? – Examining the cultural phenomenon of Renaissance female art patronage
Carolin Koenig | DPhil Archaeology | Supervisor: Dan Hicks
Excavating the Image: Records of Violence and Displacement in Contemporary Levantine Visual Culture
Sari Patnaik | DPhil Archaeology | Supervisor: Dan Hicks
A comparative analysis of how armed conflict and the destruction of cultural heritage impacts communities
Beth Timmins | DPhil Archaeology | Supervisors: Timothy Clack and Dan Hicks
Colonialism, Visuality and Monumentalism: National Trust Country Houses, c. 1895-1937
Becky Hodgkinson | DPhil Archaeology | Supervisor: Dan Hicks
An Anthropological Theory of Dispossession
Sydney Rose | DPhil Archaeology | Supervisor: Dan Hicks
Screw Piles, Syringes and Selfies: Birch’s Seaside Piers in Crisis.
Lindsay Fricker | DPhil Archaeology | Supervisors: Dan Hicks and Damian Robinson

Past students

Collecting Worlds: Biocultural Comparison and the HMS Beagle Voyage, 1831-1836
Danielle Gilbert (2022) ORA | DPhil Archaeology | Supervisor: Dan Hicks
Trade, development and resilience: An archaeology of contemporary livelihoods in Turkana, Northern Kenya
Samuel Derbyshire (2017) ORA | DPhil Archaeology | Supervisors: Peter Mitchell and Dan Hicks

Key words: decolonisation, biocultural heritage, curation, endangered heritage, materiality, museums, policy, contemporary, post-medieval, Europe, Africa, Americas