Professor Julia Lee Thorp

Research Profile

Research Activities

Current Doctoral Students

  • Eleanor C. E. Farber
  • Quan Zhang
  • Yingtung Fung
  • Tansy Branscombe
  • Peining Li


  • 2014-          NERC CORE panel member, Panel E
  • 2012-          NERC Isotope Geosciences Facility Steering Committee 
  • 2011-2013  NERC Peer Review College
  • 2007-2009  Advisory Board, Historical East African Landscapes Project (PI Lane, York University).
  • 2006-2010  Research Director, Archaeological, Geographical and Environmental Sciences, University of Bradford.
  • 2006-2008  NERC Peer Review College
  • 2007-2010  Review Panel, NRCF - ORADS.

Research grants

  • 2015  National Radiocarbon Facility Archaeology Panel, Paired human-textile dating at Pica 8, northern Chile. (CI)
  • 2015  National Radiocarbon Facility Archaeology Panel, The timing of archaeological and environmental shifts at Nelson Bay Cave and Byneskranskop 1, Southern Cape coast, South Africa.
  • 2015  NERC Isotope Geosciences Facilities Steering Committee Sea surface temperatures from oxygen isotope ratios in marine molluscs from Late Pleistocene Middle Stone Age sites, South Africa.
  • 2014-2015  National Radiocarbon Facility Archaeology Panel. Timing of environmental shifts at Wonderwerk Cave, Northern Cape, South Africa, and implications for extinction events
  • 2013-2014   British Academy, Coming to Knowth. A strontium isotope approach to Neolithic mobility at a passage tomb cemetery. Schulting (PI), Lee-Thorp (CI).
  • 2012-2013   John Fell OUP Research Fund, Postdoctoral fellowship for Dr Maura Pellegrini (PI).
  • 2011-2012  Boise Research Fund, Dietary ecology of Australopithecus afarensis from stable light isotope analysis of fossils from the Upper Laetoli Beds (PI).
  • 2011-2012  John Fell Research Fund, Exploring strontium isotope distributions in tooth crown sequences of migratory and non-migratory fauna from Laetoli, Tanzania, (PI).
  • 2011-2012  Leakey Foundation, Dietary ecology of Cross River gorillas from stable isotopes (PI).
  • 2011-2012  British Academy, Ranging behaviour of Equus and Cervus from the Late Glacial site of Settecanelle (PI).
  • 2010-2012  Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovation, Spain, Life history strategies in sympatric primates – Co- Investigator.
  • A guide for an anatomically sensitive dentine microsampling and age-alignment approach for human teeth isotopic sequences

    LEE-THORP, J, CZERMAK, A, Fernández-Crespo, T, DITCHFIELD, P
  • Advances in the study of diagenesis of fossil and subfossil bones and teeth Preface

    Snoeck, C, Lee-Thorp, JA
  • An isotopic test of the seasonal migration hypothesis for large grazing ungulates inhabiting the Palaeo-Agulhas Plain

    Hodgkins, J, Marean, CW, Venter, JA, Richardson, L, Roberts, P, Zech, J, Difford, M, Copeland, SR, Orr, CM, Keller, HM, Fahey, BP, Lee-Thorp, JA
  • Micromammal and macromammal stable isotopes from a MIS 6 fossil hyena den (Pinnacle Point site 30, south coast, South Africa) reveal differences in relative contribution of C-4 grasses to local and regional palaeovegetation on the Palaeo-Agulhas Plain

    Williams, HM, Lee-Thorp, JA, Matthews, T, Marean, CW
  • Isotopic evidence for changing mobility and landscape use patterns between the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age in western Ireland

    Snoeck, C, Jones, C, Pouncett, J, Goderis, S, Claeys, P, Mattielli, N, Zazzo, A, Reimer, PJ, Lee-Thorp, JA, Schulting, RJ

Postgraduate teaching

Course lecturer in Bioarchaeology for the MSc in Archaeological Science.