Dr Mark McKerracher

Research Profile

Current Research

I am currently a researcher on the ERC-funded Feeding Anglo-Saxon England project (FeedSax), researching the agricultural 'revolution' that powered a demographic explosion in early medieval England. I work on the archaeobotanical side of the project, examining charred plant macrofossils and applying statistical analyses to the findings. I am also responsible for the digital aspects of the project, including the website and database. My previous research focused upon an earlier agricultural transition in Anglo-Saxon England, between the seventh and ninth centuries AD. I also currently serve as Treasurer on the Association for Environmental Archaeology committee.

  • An Integrated Bioarchaeological Approach to the Medieval ‘Agricultural Revolution’: A Case Study from Stafford, England, c.ad 800–1200

    Hamerow, H, Bogaard, A, Charles, M, Forster, E, Holmes, M, McKerracher, M, Neil, S, Ramsey, CB, Stroud, E, Thomas, R
  • Feeding Anglo-Saxon England: the bioarchaeology of an agricultural revolution

    Hamerow, H, Bogaard, A, Charles, M, Ramsey, C, Thomas, R, Forster, E, Holmes, M, McKerracher, M, Neil, S, Stroud, E
  • Anglo-Saxon Crops and Weeds

  • Introducing FeedSax: Bioarchaeological Explorations of an Early Medieval Agricultural Revolution

  • Farming Transformed in Anglo-Saxon England: Agriculture in the Long Eighth Century

    McKerracher, M
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