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Co-director with Professor Bouzouggar, Rabat University, of excavation at Taforalt Cave in Morocco, which is aimed at the understanding of human behaviour and environmental change in North Africa over the last 200,000 years. Recently completed a major collaborative NERC project as Co-Principal Investigator concerning the response of humans to rapid environmental change. Nearing completion of a monographic study on the Middle and Later Stone Age levels at Taforalt cave, for which he received a Leverhulme Fellowship in 2012-13. Most recently, with Dr Louise Humphrey (Natural History Museum) and Professor Martin Bell (Reading University), has been awarded a Major Leverhulme Research Award for a project on Cemeteries and Sedentism in North Africa, to investigate changes in hunter-gatherer behaviour prior to the Neolithic.


Morocco Caves Project

  • The transition from the Younger Dryas to the Pre-Boreal in southern Britain: some new perspectives on the spatial patterning and chronology of long blade sites

    Edited by:
    Montoya, C, Fagnart, J-P, Locht, J-L
  • Bone retouchers and technological continuity in the Middle Stone Age of North Africa.

    Turner, E, Humphrey, L, Bouzouggar, A, Barton, N
  • Cemeteries and Sedentism in the Later Stone Age of NW Africa: Excavations at Grotte des Pigeons, Taforalt, Morocco

    BARTON, R, Bouzouggar, A, Collcutt, SN, Humphrey, LT
    Edited by:
  • Infant funerary behavior and kinship in Pleistocene hunter-gatherers from Morocco.

    Humphrey, L, Freyne, A, van de Loosdrecht, M, Hogue, JT, Turner, E, Barton, N, Bouzouggar, A
  • ZooMS identification of bone tools from the North African Later Stone Age

    Desmond, A, Barton, N, Bouzouggar, A, Douka, K, Fernandez, P, Humphrey, L, Morales, J, Turner, E, Buckley, M
  • Pleistocene North African genomes link Near Eastern and sub-Saharan African human populations

    van de Loosdrecht, M, Bouzouggar, A, Humphrey, L, Posth, C, Barton, N, Aximu-Petri, A, Nickel, B, Nagel, S, Talbi, EH, El Hajraoui, MA, Amzazi, S, Hublin, J-J
    et al
  • 90,000 year-old specialised bone technology in the Aterian Middle Stone Age of North Africa.

    Bouzouggar, A, Humphrey, LT, Barton, N, Parfitt, SA, Clark Balzan, L, Schwenninger, J-L, El Hajraoui, MA, Nespoulet, R, Bello, SM
  • A new Later Upper Palaeolithic open-air site with articulated horse bone in the Colne Valley, Berkshire

    Barclay, A, Bello, S, Bradley, P, Harding, P, Higbee, L, Manning, A, Powell, J, Macphail, R, ROBERTS, A, Stewart, M, Barton, RN
  • A new Later Upper Palaeolithic open-air site with articulated horse bone in the Colne Valley, Berkshire

    Barclay, A, Bello, S, Bradley, P, Harding, P, Higbee, L, Manning, A, Powell, J, Macphail, R, Roberts, A, Stewart, M, Barton, N
  • Identifying bird remains using ancient DNA barcoding

    Dalén, L, Lagerholm, VK, Nylander, JAA, Barton, N, Bochenski, ZM, Tomek, T, Rudling, D, Ericson, PGP, Irestedt, M, Stewart, JR
  • Range shifts or extinction? Ancient DNA and distribution modelling reveal past and future responses to climate warming in cold-adapted birds.

    Lagerholm, VK, Sandoval-Castellanos, E, Vaniscotte, A, Potapova, OR, Tomek, T, Bochenski, ZM, Shepherd, P, Barton, N, Van Dyck, M-C, Miller, R, Höglund, J, Yoccoz, NG
    et al
  • Reconsidering the MSA to LSA transition at Taforalt Cave (Morocco) in the light of new multi-proxy dating evidence

    Barton, RNE, Bouzouggar, A, Collcutt, SN, Carrión Marco, Y, Clark-Balzan, L, Debenham, NC, Morales, J
  • From Lake to Sand: The Archaeology of The Farafra Oasis Western Desert, Egypt. Edited by Barbara E. Barich, Giulio Lucarini, Mohamed A. Hamdan, and Fekri A. Hassan. F. A. Edizioni All’Insegna del Giglio, Florence, 2014. ...

    Barton, N
  • New radiocarbon dates for the earliest Later Stone Age microlithic technology in Northwest Africa

    Hogue, JT, Barton, RNE
  • Oxygen and carbon isotopes in Gerbillinae (gerbil) teeth provide palaeoaridity records in two Late Pleistocene Moroccan sites

    Jeffrey, A, Stoetzel, E, Parfitt, S, Barton, N, Nespoulet, R, El Hajraoui, MA, Bouzouggar, A, Denys, C, Lee-Thorp, JA

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Undergraduate course convenor for:

  • Honour Moderations Paper 3  - Perspectives on Human Evolution
  • FHS option paper - Archaeology of Modern Human Origins

Director of Studies for undergraduates at Hertford College.

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