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  • Feeding Anglo-Saxon England: The bioarchaeology of an agricultural revolution

    Hamerow, H, Bogaard, A, Charles, M, Ramsey, C, Thomas, R, Forster, E, Holmes, M, McKerracher, M, Neil, S, Stroud, E
  • From texts to teeth: A multi-isotope study of sheep and goat herding practices in the Late Bronze Age (‘Mycenaean’) polity of Knossos, Crete

    Isaakidou, V, Styring, A, Halstead, P, Nitsch, E, Stroud, E, le Roux, P, Lee-Thorp, J, Bogaard, A
  • Comparing pollen and archaeobotanical data for Chalcolithic cereal agriculture at Çatalhöyük, Turkey

    Eastwood, WJ, Fairbairn, A, Stroud, E, Roberts, N, Lamb, H, Yiğitbaşıoğlu, H, Şenkul, Ç, Moss, A, Turner, R, Boyer, P
  • Ancient proteins from ceramic vessels at Çatalhöyük West reveal the hidden cuisine of early farmers.

    Hendy, J, Colonese, AC, Franz, I, Fernandes, R, Fischer, R, Orton, D, Lucquin, A, Spindler, L, Anvari, J, Stroud, E, Biehl, PF, Speller, C
    et al
  • From Traditional Farming in Morocco to Early Urban Agroecology in Northern Mesopotamia: Combining Present-day Arable Weed Surveys and Crop Isotope Analysis to Reconstruct Past Agrosystems in (Semi-)arid Regions

    Bogaard, A, Styring, A, Ater, M, Hmimsa, Y, Green, L, Stroud, E, Whitlam, J, Diffey, C, Nitsch, E, Charles, M, Jones, G, Hodgson, J
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