Dr Jade Whitlam

Research Profile

Current Activities

  • British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship: 'Farming before agriculture: investigating variability in plant management and consumption by western Asia’s earliest cultivators'
  • Tell Nebi Mend Archaeobotanical project
  • Archaeobotanical investigations at Etruscan Murlo and Orvieto, Italy
  • Cutting the mustard: new insights into the plant economy of Late Neolithic Tepe Khaleseh (Iran)

    WHITLAM, J, Valipour, HR, CHARLES, M
  • Pre-agricultural plant management in the uplands of the central Zagros: the archaeobotanical evidence from Sheikh-e Abad

    Whitlam, J, Bogaard, A, Matthews, R, Matthews, W, Mohammadifar, Y, Ilkhani, H, Charles, M
  • From Traditional Farming in Morocco to Early Urban Agroecology in Northern Mesopotamia: Combining Present-day Arable Weed Surveys and Crop Isotope Analysis to Reconstruct Past Agrosystems in (Semi-)arid Regions

    Bogaard, A, Styring, A, Ater, M, Hmimsa, Y, Green, L, Stroud, E, Whitlam, J, Diffey, C, Nitsch, E, Charles, M, Jones, G, Hodgson, J
  • Farming, inequality and urbanization: a comparative analysis of late prehistoric northern Mesopotamia and south-west Germany

    Bogaard, AM, Styring, A, Whitlam, J, Fochesato, M, Bowles, S
    Edited by:
    Kohler, TA, Smith, ME
  • Greater post-Neolithic wealth disparities in Eurasia than in North America and Mesoamerica.

    Kohler, TA, Smith, ME, Bogaard, A, Feinman, GM, Peterson, CE, Betzenhauser, A, Pailes, M, Stone, EC, Marie Prentiss, A, Dennehy, TJ, Ellyson, LJ, Nicholas, LM
    et al
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