Dr Jade Whitlam

Research Profile

Current Activities

  • British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship: 'Farming before agriculture: investigating variability in plant management and consumption by western Asia’s earliest cultivators'
  • Tell Nebi Mend Archaeobotanical project
  • Archaeobotanical investigations at Etruscan Murlo and Orvieto, Italy
  • Cutting the Mustard: New Insights Into the Plant Economy of Late Neolithic Tepe Khaleseh (Iran)

    Whitlam, J, Valipour, HR, Charles, M
  • 'Monumental Myopia': bringing the later prehistoric settlements of southern Siberia into focus

    Hommel, P, Kovaleva, O, Whitlam, J, Amzarakov, P, Pouncett, J, Lim, J, Petrova, N, Gosden, C, Esin, Y
  • Pre-agricultural plant management in the uplands of the central Zagros: the archaeobotanical evidence from Sheikh-e Abad

    Whitlam, J, Bogaard, A, Matthews, R, Matthews, W, Mohammadifar, Y, Ilkhani, H, Charles, M
  • Farming, inequality, and urbanization: A comparative analysis of late prehistoric northern Mesopotamia and southwestern Germany

    Bogaard, A, Styring, A, Whitlam, J, Fochesato, M, Bowles, S
  • From Traditional Farming in Morocco to Early Urban Agroecology in Northern Mesopotamia: Combining Present-day Arable Weed Surveys and Crop Isotope Analysis to Reconstruct Past Agrosystems in (Semi-)arid Regions

    Bogaard, A, Styring, A, Ater, M, Hmimsa, Y, Green, L, Stroud, E, Whitlam, J, Diffey, C, Nitsch, E, Charles, M, Jones, G, Hodgson, J