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Cutting the Mustard: New Insights Into the Plant Economy of Late Neolithic Tepe Khaleseh (Iran)

Whitlam, J, Valipour, HR, Charles, M

Pre-agricultural plant management in the uplands of the central Zagros: the archaeobotanical evidence from Sheikh-e Abad

Whitlam, J, Bogaard, A, Matthews, R, Matthews, W, Mohammadifar, Y, Ilkhani, H, Charles, M

From Traditional Farming in Morocco to Early Urban Agroecology in Northern Mesopotamia: Combining Present-day Arable Weed Surveys and Crop Isotope Analysis to Reconstruct Past Agrosystems in (Semi-)arid Regions

Bogaard, A, Styring, A, Ater, M, Hmimsa, Y, Green, L, Stroud, E, Whitlam, J, Diffey, C, Nitsch, E, Charles, M, Jones, G, Hodgson, J

Farming, inequality, and urbanization: A comparative analysis of late prehistoric northern Mesopotamia and southwestern Germany

Bogaard, A, Styring, A, Whitlam, J, Fochesato, M, Bowles, S

Greater post-Neolithic wealth disparities in Eurasia than in North America and Mesoamerica

Kohler, TA, Smith, ME, Bogaard, A, Feinman, GM, Peterson, CE, Betzenhauser, A, Pailes, M, Stone, EC, Marie Prentiss, A, Dennehy, TJ, Ellyson, LJ, Nicholas, LM
et al

Recent Research in Cavità 254 (Orvieto, Italy)

George, D, Bizzarri, C, Bianco, P, Trentacoste, A, Whitlam, J, Best, J

'Seasonal Rhythms' of a Rural Kurdish Village: Ethnozooarchaeological Research in Bestansur, Iraq

Bendrey, R, Whitlam, J, Elliott, S, Aziz, KR, Matthews, R, Matthews, W
Edited by:
Lee G. Broderick

Environmental archaeologies of Neolithisation: Old World case studies

Bendrey, R, Richardson, A, Elliott, S, Whitlam, J

Plant use and Neolithic societies of the eastern Fertile Crescent, c.10,000–5500 BC

Whitlam, J

Preliminary ethnoarchaeological research on modern animal husbandry in Bestansur, Iraqi Kurdistan: Integrating animal, plant and environmental data

Elliott, S, Bendrey, R, Whitlam, J, Aziz, KR, Evans, J

Environmental archaeologies of Neolithisation: Europe

Bendrey, R, Richardson, A, Elliott, S, Whitlam, J

The Plant Macrofossil Evidence from Sheikh-e Abad: First Impressions

Whitlam, J, Ilkhani, H, Bogaard, A, Charles, M
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