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Broad and Coarse: Modelling Demography, Subsistence and Transportation in Roman England

Edited by:
Verhagen, P, Joyce, J, Groenhuijzen, M

Cartography and quantum theory: In defence of distribution mapping

Green, C

The Placing of Early Bronze Age Metalwork Deposits: New Evidence from Scotland

Bradley, R, Green, C, Watson, A

Big questions for large, complex datasets: approaching time and space using composite object assemblages

Cooper, A, Green, C

Mapping the Brexit vote

Green, CT

Understanding the Spatial Patterning of English Archaeology: Modelling Mass Data, 1500 BC to AD 1086

Green, C, Gosden, C, Cooper, A, Franconi, T, ten Harkel, L, Kamash, Z, Lowerre, A

Embracing the Complexities of ‘Big Data’ in Archaeology: the Case of the English Landscape and Identities Project

Cooper, A, Green, C

English Landscapes and Identities. The early medieval landscape: methods and approaches.

Donnelly, V, Green, CT, Ten Harkel, L

Archaeology in broad strokes: collating data for England from 1500 BC to AD 1086.

Green, CT
Edited by:
Chrysanthi, A, et al.

GIS made easy (and cheap to teach).

Green, CT

It’s about time: temporality and intra-site GIS.

Green, CT
Edited by:
Jerem, E, Redo, F, Szeverenyi, V

Winding Dali's Clock The Construction of a Fuzzy Temporal-GIS for Archaeology

Green, CT
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