Dr Charlotte Potts

Doctoral supervision

I am happy to supervise on topics relating to the archaeology of Etruscan and Latin religion, architecture in early central Italy, and approaches to the display of these cultures in modern museums.

Current students

Cuniculi: Subterranean Water Systems in Italy during the First Millennium BCE
Christina Monroe | DPhil Classical Archaeology | Supervisors: Charlotte Potts and Andrew Wilson
The Cult of Hercle in Archaic Southern Etruria (ca 580-480 BC)
Allia Benner | DPhil Classical Archaeology | Supervisor: Charlotte Potts

Past students

The Roman public baths of Central Italy during the Imperial period: An architectural study
Konogan Beaufay (2020) ORA | DPhil Classical Archaeology | Supervisors: Janet DeLaine and Charlotte Potts

Key words: curation, materiality, museums, religion, Architecture, contemporary, Classical-Roman, later prehistory, pre-Roman Italy, Archaic Italy, Europe, central Italy