Professor Amy Bogaard

Research activities

Research awards

Shanghai Archaeology Forum Research Award for AGRICURB (ERC) and Crop stable isotope (NERC) projects (2015)


  • From texts to teeth: A multi-isotope study of sheep and goat herding practices in the Late Bronze Age (‘Mycenaean’) polity of Knossos, Crete

    Isaakidou, V, Styring, A, Halstead, P, Nitsch, E, Stroud, E, le Roux, P, Lee-Thorp, J, Bogaard, A
  • Revisiting the potential of carbonized grain to preserve biogenic Sr-87/Sr-86 signatures within the burial environment

    Styring, AK, Evans, JA, Nitsch, EK, Lee-Thorp, JA, Bogaard, A
  • Cooking plant foods in the northern Aegean: Microbotanical evidence from Neolithic Stavroupoli (Thessaloniki, Greece)

    García-Granero, JJ, Urem-Kotsou, D, Bogaard, A, Kotsos, S
  • Pre-agricultural plant management in the uplands of the central Zagros: the archaeobotanical evidence from Sheikh-e Abad

    Whitlam, J, Bogaard, A, Matthews, R, Matthews, W, Mohammadifar, Y, Ilkhani, H, Charles, M
  • From Traditional Farming in Morocco to Early Urban Agroecology in Northern Mesopotamia: Combining Present-day Arable Weed Surveys and Crop Isotope Analysis to Reconstruct Past Agrosystems in (Semi-)arid Regions

    Bogaard, A, Styring, A, Ater, M, Hmimsa, Y, Green, L, Stroud, E, Whitlam, J, Diffey, C, Nitsch, E, Charles, M, Jones, G, Hodgson, J
  • The Proof is in the Pudding: Crop Isotope Analysis Provides Direct Insights into Agricultural Production and Consumption

    Styring, AK, Knipper, C, Müller-Scheeßel, N, Grupe, G, Bogaard, A
  • Preservation and Interpretation of δ34S Values in Charred Archaeobotanical Remains

    Bogaard, AM, Nitsch, E, Vaiglova, P, Lamb, A, Heaton, THEH, Fraser, R, Hartman, G, Moreno-Jiménez, E, López-Piñeiro, A, Peña-Abades, A, Fairbairn, A, Eriksen, J
  • Using stable isotopes and functional weed ecology to explore social differences in early urban contexts: the case of Lattara in mediterranean France

    Alagich, R, Gardeisen, A, Alonso, N, Rovira, N, Bogaard, AM
  • A tale of two tells: dating the Çatalhöyük West Mound

    Orton, D, Anvari, J, Gibson, C, Last, J, Bogaard, A, Rosenstock, E, Biehl, PF
  • Arable weeds as a case study in plant-human relationships beyond domestication

    Bogaard, AM, Ater, M, Hodgson, JG
    Edited by:
    Stepanoff, C, Vigne, J-D
  • Of cattle and feasts: Multi-isotope investigation of animal husbandry and communal feasting at Neolithic Makriyalos, northern Greece.

    Vaiglova, P, Halstead, P, Pappa, M, Triantaphyllou, S, Valamoti, SM, Evans, J, Fraser, R, Karkanas, P, Kay, A, Lee-Thorp, J, Bogaard, A
  • Trade-offs between seed and leaf size (seed–phytomer–leaf theory): functional glue linking regenerative with life history strategies … and taxonomy with ecology?

    Hodgson, JG, Santini, BA, Montserrat Marti, G, Royo Pla, F, Jones, G, Bogaard, A, Charles, M, Font, X, Ater, M, Taleb, A, Poschlod, P, Hmimsa, Y
    et al
  • The triangular seed mass-leaf area relationship holds for annual plants and is determined by habitat productivity

    Santini, BA, Hodgson, JG, Thompson, K, Wilson, PJ, Band, SR, Jones, G, Charles, M, Bogaard, A, Palmer, C, Rees, M
    Edited by:
    Kudo, G
  • Coping with abundance: the challenges of a Good Thing

    Twiss, K, Bogaard, A
    Edited by:
    Smith, ML
  • Farming Strategies at Kouphovouno, Lakonia, in the MN-LN periods

    Cavanagh, W, Renard, J, Bogaard, A, Gardeisen, A, Cantuel, J, Vaiglova, P, Diffey, C
    Edited by:
    Sarris, A, Kalogiropoulou, E, Kalayci, T, Karimali, L
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Undergraduate teaching

Undergraduate course convenor for:

  • Honour Moderations Paper 4 - The Nature of Archaeological & Anthropological Enquiry
  • Honour Moderations - Practical classes
  • FHS option paper - From Hunting & Gathering to States & Empires in Southwest Asia
  • FHS option paper - Later Prehistory of Europe

Director of Studies for undergraduates in A&A at St Peter's College.

Postgraduate teaching

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