Professor Amy Bogaard

Research Profile

Research activities

  • Exploring the Dynamics and Causes of Prehistoric Land Use Change in the Cradle of European Farming (EXPLO) project (European Research Council SYNERGY project; Oxford PI Bogaard). Project website available here and School webpage here
  • Feeding Anglo-Saxon England (FEEDSAX) project (European Research Council, PI Hamerow)
  • The Agricultural Origins of Urban Civilization (AGRICURB) project (European Research Council, PI Bogaard)
  • Excavations on the Lower Gypsades hill, Knossos, Crete

Research awards

Shanghai Archaeology Forum Research Award for AGRICURB (ERC) and Crop stable isotope (NERC) projects (2015)


  • An integrated bioarchaeological approach to the Medieval Agricultural Revolution. The case study of Stafford, England

  • Ancient DNA typing indicates that the “new” glume wheat of early Eurasian agriculture is a cultivated member of the Triticum timopheevii group

    Czajkowska, BI, Bogaard, A, Charles, M, Jones, G, Kohler-Schneider, M, Mueller-Bieniek, A, Brown, TA
  • Seed size, number and strategies in annual plants: a comparative functional analysis and synthesis.

    Hodgson, JG, Montserrat Marti, G, Šerá, B, Jones, G, Bogaard, A, Charles, M, Font, X, Ater, M, Taleb, A, Santini, BA, Hmimsa, Y, Palmer, C
    et al
  • The agroecology of an early state: New results from Hattusha

    BOGAARD, A, Diffey, C, Neef, R, Seeher, J
  • Further insight into Neolithic agricultural management at Kouphovouno, southern Greece: expanding the isotopic approach

    BOGAARD, AMY, Vaiglova, P, LEE-THORP, J, Gardeisen, A, Buckley, M, Cavanagh, W, Renard, J
  • A snapshot of subsistence in Iron Age Iberia: The case of La Hoya village

    Fernández-Crespo, T, Ordoño, J, Bogaard, A, Llanos, A, Schulting, R
  • Nitrogen isotope values of Pennisetum glaucum (pearl millet) grains: towards a reconstruction of past cultivation conditions in the Sahel, West Africa

    Styring, AK, Diop, AM, Bogaard, A, Champion, L, Fuller, DQ, Gestrich, N, Macdonald, KC, Neumann, K
  • Subsistence and society in prehistory: new directions in economic archaeology

    BOGAARD, AMY, Outram, AK
  • Spatial and temporal patterns in Neolithic and Bronze Age agriculture in Poland based on the stable carbon and nitrogen isotopic composition of cereal grains

    BOGAARD, AMY, Mueller-Bieniek, A, Nowak, M, STYRING, A, Lityńska-Zając, M, Moskal-del Hoyo, M, Sojka, A, Paszko, B, Tunia, K
  • The farming-inequality nexus: new methods and evidence from western Eurasia

    BOGAARD, AMY, Fochesato, M, Bowles, S
  • Comparing ancient inequalities: the challenges of comparability, bias and precision

    BOGAARD, AMY, Fochesato, M, Bowles, S
  • Food Production, Processing and Foodways in Neolithic Ireland

    McClatchie, M, Schulting, R, McLaughlin, R, Colledge, S, Bogaard, A, Barratt, P, Whitehouse, N
  • From texts to teeth: A multi-isotope study of sheep and goat herding practices in the Late Bronze Age (‘Mycenaean’) polity of Knossos, Crete

    Isaakidou, V, Styring, A, Halstead, P, Nitsch, E, Stroud, E, le Roux, P, Lee-Thorp, J, Bogaard, A
  • Revisiting the potential of carbonized grain to preserve biogenic 87Sr/86Sr signatures within the burial environment

    Styring, AK, Evans, JA, Nitsch, EK, Lee-Thorp, JA, Bogaard, A
  • Exploring the agroecology of Neolithic Çatalhöyük, central Anatolia: An archaeobotanical approach to agricultural intensity based on functional ecological analysis of arable weed flora

    Green, L, CHARLES, M, BOGAARD, A

Undergraduate teaching

Undergraduate course convenor for:

  • Honour Moderations Paper 4 - The Nature of Archaeological & Anthropological Enquiry
  • Honour Moderations - Practical classes
  • FHS option paper - From Hunting & Gathering to States & Empires in Southwest Asia
  • FHS option paper - Later Prehistory of Europe

Director of Studies for undergraduates in A&A at St Peter's College.

Postgraduate teaching

Postgraduate taught course options in: