Professor Mike Charles

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Research Grants


ERC Advanced grant Feeding Anglo-Saxon England: The Bioarchaeology of an Agricultural Revolution. P.I Prof Helena Hamerow, CI Prof Amy Bogaard, Dr Richard Thomas (Leicester)


ERC Advanced Grant. Evolutionary Origins of Agriculture
Co-investigator with Prof G Jones, Prof. M Rees, Dr C Osborne, Dr N Fieller (Sheffield) & Prof T Brown (Manchester). ERC-2010-AdG_20100407


NERC. Origins of Agriculture: an ecological perspective on crop domestication. Co-investigator with Profs G. Jones & M Rees & Dr C Osborne. NE/H0227161/1.


National Science Foundation (USA). Economic integration and cultural survival at neolithic Çatalhöyük Turkey. Co-investigator with Dr. K Twiss, SUNY, USA and Dr Bogaard, (Oxford).


NERC. Out of Asia. Co-investigator with Profs G Jones, C Buck & P Blackwell (Sheffield). NE/E019242/1.


Archaeobotanical Projects


Tell Nebi Mend Archaeobotanical Project (Oxford University) with Dr Jade Whitlam


Ur Archaeological Project, directors Prof Elisabeth Stone & Prof Paul Zimansky, (SUNY, New York)


Central Zagros Archaeological Project, directors Prof. Roger Matthews and Dr Wendy Matthews (University of Reading)


Çatalhöyük Neolithic excavations, director Prof. Ian Hodder (Stanford University)


Tell Brak, Syria; Bronze Age; director Dr Augusta McMahon (Cambridge University) & Dr. Geoff Emberling (Metropolitan Museum, New York, USA)



  • Ancient DNA typing indicates that the “new” glume wheat of early Eurasian agriculture is a cultivated member of the Triticum timopheevii group

    Czajkowska, BI, Bogaard, A, Charles, M, Jones, G, Kohler-Schneider, M, Mueller-Bieniek, A, Brown, TA
  • Seed size, number and strategies in annual plants: a comparative functional analysis and synthesis.

    Hodgson, JG, Montserrat Marti, G, Šerá, B, Jones, G, Bogaard, A, Charles, M, Font, X, Ater, M, Taleb, A, Santini, BA, Hmimsa, Y, Palmer, C
    et al
  • Cutting the Mustard: New Insights Into the Plant Economy of Late Neolithic Tepe Khaleseh (Iran)

    Whitlam, J, Valipour, HR, Charles, M
  • An integrated bioarchaeological approach to the medieval ‘agricultural revolution’: a case study from Stafford, England, c.Ad 800–1200

    Hamerow, H, Bogaard, A, Charles, M, Forster, E, Holmes, M, McKerracher, M, Neil, S, Ramsey, C, Stroud, E, Thomas, R
  • Feeding Anglo-Saxon England: The bioarchaeology of an agricultural revolution

    Hamerow, H, Bogaard, A, Charles, M, Ramsey, C, Thomas, R, Forster, E, Holmes, M, McKerracher, M, Neil, S, Stroud, E

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