Professor Shadreck Chirikure

Research Profile

Selected Research Activities

  • Archaeometry and social formation in southern Africa (British Academy, PI)
  • Hinterland and coastal southern Africa (National Research Foundation of South Africa, PI)
  • Decolonial Archaeologies (University of Cape Town; PI)

Selected Editorial Project(s):

Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of African Archaeology (Editor in Chief)

Selected Research Awards:

Award for Best Paper Published in Antiquity, 2008 & 2019

Association of Commonwealth /universities Fellowship, 2017

British Academy Global Professorship, 2018


  • New Perspectives on the Political Economy of Great Zimbabwe

    Chirikure, S
  • Archaeological implications of ethnographically grounded functional study of pottery from Nyanga, Zimbabwe

    Nyamushosho, RT, Chirikure, S
  • Collecting Food, Cultivating People: Subsistence and Society in Central Africa

    Chirikure, S
  • Using DNA to determine the species and geographic origins of elephant ivory discovered in a 16thcentury Portuguese shipwreck

    De Flamingh, A, Coutu, A, Chirikure, S, Sealy, J, Malhi, RS, Roca, AL
  • Are drylands marginal? The case of Mananzve, Shashi region, southwestern Zimbabwe

    Nyamushosho, RT, Chirikure, S, Bandama, F, Manyanga, M, Mukwende, T
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Undergraduate course lecturer for:

  • FHS Core Paper 4 - Urbanisation and Change in Complex Societies

Post-graduate Teaching

Archaeology of colonialism

Lecturer for MSc in Archaeological Science