Dr Anke Hein

Research Profile

Current Research Activities

  • PI for "Excavating Andersson: Unlocking Forgotten Treasures in the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities (MFEA), Stockholm", with Dr Andrew Womack, Dr Ole Stilborg, and Dr Katherine Brunson
  • PI for "Tracing Elusive Women in Chinese Archaeology"
  • PI for "The History and Practice of Chinese Archaeology", with Prof. Julia Lovell
  • Editor and Co-Creator (with Andrew Womack) of the China Ceramic Petrography Database; https://opencontext.org/projects/2c5addea-41d5-4941-b2bd-672bc1e60448
  • Co-PI: "Survey and Excavation Project on Early Settlements and Subsistence Systems in Northwest Sichuan", in Collaboration with the Sichuan Provincial Institute of Archaeology, Sichuan University, and Dr Jade d'Alpoim Guedes, funded by the NSF (insert link: https://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward?AWD_ID=1632207)
  • Member of PastNet: Past Networks in Space and Time, Research Network, University of Oxford (insert link: https://connectedpast.net/)
  • Affiliate of the University of Oxford China Centre

Recent research activities

  • 2019-2022 Co-PI for “POTS - Pottery Origins and the Transformation of Societies: Study of the Emergence and Spread of Ceramic across Northeast China.” With Dr Thibaut Devièse, Oxford
  • 2017-2019 Survey Coordinator of the Tao River Valley Project; PI: Prof. Rowan Flad, Harvard University
  • 2015-2018 PI: “Homogeneity in form, diversity in technique or vice versa? – Ceramic traditions in Neolithic and Bronze Age Northern China”, Fell-Funded (EBD00020Ö) Project in Stockholm and China
  • 2013-2017 PI: "Ethnoarchaeological Field Project on Ceramic Production in the Wei River Valley", in Collaboration with Dr Ye Wa (UCLA)
  • 2013-2014 PI: "Ethnoarchaeological Field Project on Ethnic Identity and Yi-Han Relations in Zhaojue, Sichuan", in Collaboration with Prof. Zhao Jue (Sichuan University)

Seminar Series

Co-convenor of the World Archaeology Seminar Series


Undergraduate teaching

Lecturer for core papers:

  • Honour Moderations -  Introduction to World Archaeology
  • FHS - Urbanisation and Change in Complex Societies

Convenor for FHS option paper:

  • FHS - From the First Ceramics to the Terracotta Soldiers: archaeology of Early China

Convenor for object-handling sessions:

  • Chinese Bronzes, Jades, and Ceramics in the Ashmolean Museum 

Postgraduate teaching

Postgraduate taught course options in: 

Applicants interested in postgraduate study of early China/East Asia are encouraged to contact Dr Anke Hein directly (anke.hein@arch.ox.ac.uk).


Research Centre

Oxford Centre for Asian Archaeology, Art and Culture

The Oxford Centre of Asian Archaeology, Art and Culture (OCAAAC) is an organization that fosters academic exchange, innovative research and specialized training in the fields of archaeology, art history and cultural heritage in continental Asia. The Centre is housed within the University of Oxford’s School of Archaeology (Oxford, UK) and the broad spectrum of expertise provided by its members and affiliates, enables it to offer a unique and expanding programme of primary research and teaching.

Its growing profile now attracts visiting researchers and students from all over the world who contribute significantly to the academic vitality of both the Centre and the School of Archaeology as a whole. The Centre actively campaigns for preservation of heritage sites, presents innovative public outreach events, and hosts a regular series of scholarly seminars under the banner of the OCAAAC Asian Archaology Seminar Series. Further information about upcoming talks and activities can be found on our website.

The Centre, established over ten years ago by Professor Dame Jessica Rawson and Professor Chris Gosden, has received substantial financial support from the University of Oxford as well as from a number of private donors in Taiwan, Japan and Mainland China. We are currently seeking support for student scholarships and a new Assistant Professorship in Siberian Archaeology. If you would be interested in becoming a donor, please contact asia@arch.ox.ac.uk.


Core Team:

Professor Chris Gosden

Professor Mark Pollard

Professor Dame Jessica Rawson

Dr Rick Schulting

Dr Anke Hein

Dr Peter Hommel

Current Students