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I have had a long-standing interest in the Mesolithic and Neolithic of Western Europe, both in themselves, and in terms of the transition to farming. Recent and ongoing research is focussed on improving our understanding of chronology, through the use of AMS 14C dating, and of palaeodiet, through the use of stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis. Another current research strand involves a re-assessment of extant Neolithic skeletal collections from various regions of western Europe, from the point of view of evidence for interpersonal violence. Most recently, I have extended my interests to Eurasian steppe pastoralists, and to the hunter-gatherers of Siberia and northern Japan, as a member of the Baikal-Hokkaido Archaeological Project (

An edited volume titled 'Sticks, Stones & Broken Bones: Neolithic Violence in a European Perspective' (OUP), published in 2012, presents overviews of violent injuries on skeletons from various regions of Europe. 

Co-Investigator - Cultivating Societies: assessing the evidence for agriculture in Neolithic Ireland:


  • The life-history of a late Mesolithic woman in Iberia: A sequential multi-isotope approach

    Fernández-Crespo, T, le Roux, PJ, Ordoño, J, Ditchfield, PW, Schulting, RJ
  • Make a desert and call it peace: Massacre and arson at the Iberian Iron Age village of La Hoya

    Fernández-Crespo, T, Ordoño, J, Llanos, A, SCHULTING, R
  • All things bright: copper grave goods and diet at the Neolithic site of Osłonki, Poland

    SCHULTING, R, Budd, C, Bogucki, P, Lillie, M, Grygiel, R, Lorkiewicz, W
  • Integrated Stable Isotopic and Radiocarbon Analyses of Neolithic and Bronze Age Hunter-Gatherers from the Little Sea and Upper Lena Micro- Regions, Cis-Baikal, Siberia

    SCHULTING, R, White, A, HOMMEL, P, Lythe, A, RAMSEY, C, Moiseyev, V, Khartanovich, V, Weber, A
  • Claddedigaethau mewn ogofâu: prehistoric human remains (mainly) from the caves of Wales

    Schulting, R

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  • FHS core paper 3: Landscape and Ecology
  • FHS option paper: Physical Anthropology & Human Osteoarchaeology

Undergraduate lecturer for:

  • Honour Moderations paper 1: Introduction to World Archaeology
  • Honour Moderations paper 3:  Perspectives on Human Evolution

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