Imaging and Photographic Services

The Archaeology Imaging Unit is able to provide a highly specialised and professional archaeological imaging service to the School of Archaeology and wider University.

In addition, a comprehensive digital imaging & scanning service is available for most types of media and the AiU is happy to offer advice and guidance.

For more information or to use the services of the AiU, please contact:

Ian Cartwright

Tel: 01865 278251



The AiU is equipped with the latest high-resolution digital optic technologies to undertake a full range of photographic assignments in Oxford, and around the globe. We can provide: -

  • Archaeological field photography. Archaeological excavation, standing building and monumental architecture photography. Including landscape and site survey expedition photography with raised platform or aerial/drone. (Gallery1)
  • 360-degree immersive VR Photography.Archaeological sites, landscape and building interiors recorded using the latest 360 imaging technology. (View project 360 example
  • Small finds photography.Multi view, high definition images made of all types of small finds. In the AiU studio or a project location (Gallery 2) (view project example)
  • Large artifact photography. Record, publication and publicity photographs made of a wide range of archeological objects from all time periods in the AiU studio, museum or private collection.(Gallery 2) 
  • RTI photography.Reflectance Transformation scientific Imaging of a variety of archeological objects and materials in the studio or location.(Movie example 1) View project example   
  • Multi spectral photography. Egyptian blue image detection on materials (Gallery 3)

General digital imaging services

Scanning and image preparationfor archaeological publication.

All types of artwork scanned including prints, books and original negatives at a suitable resolution. Original sizes include 35mm-A3 formats. Large format scanningusing our A0 colour scanner available for large plans, maps or drawings for digitization.

  • Specialised digital image manipulation. Restoration and printing of archive material.
  • File conversion.We can convert image/postscript files between most formats as well as re-size files to make them suitable for web, PowerPoint or publication.
  • Printing service. We can provide a high quality small batch glossy, colour and black and white prints at A4 and A3 from your digital files or negatives. Ultra chrome prints supplied. (Ultra Chrome is a true black and white archive standard print technology from EPSON).
  • Tuition available. Graduate skill Seminars and weekend courses available at the OUDCE. Advice and assistance for School of Archaeology staff and students with their photographic requirements.
  • Loan of photographic equipment. For staff and graduates. This includes loan of basic Nikon DSLR cameras and various stands.

The units aim is to produce engaging high quality digital images of all types of archaeology from the landscape to the microscopic, that use vivid detail and crafted compositions to convey as clearly as possible the main ideas of research.

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