Option papers MSc Archaeology

Option papers MSc Archaeology

  NEW Streams Stream Director List A Modules List B Modules
Archaeology of Asia Anke Hein Mark Pollard

Chinese Archaeology I: Palaeolithic to Bronze Age

Chinese Archaeology II: Shang to Qin

Interdisciplinary approaches to Chinese Ceramics

Archaeology of Eurasia

Cognitive Archaeology Lambros Malafouris    
Contemporary Archaeology Dan Hicks    
Environmental Archaeology Michael Charles / Amy Bogaard Environmental Archaeology 

Practical Archaeobotany


Landscape Archaeology John Pouncett / Rick Schulting Landscape Archaeology and Spatial Technology

Archaeology and Geographical Information Systems

Practical Archaeobotany

Maritime Archaeology Damian Robinson / Linda Hulin Ancient Maritime Societies

Methods and Techniques in Maritime Archaeology

Maritime Archaeology up to AD 1000